Styled Nautical Shoot: Rachel | Duluth, MN Makeup Artist

Here are a few shots from a shoot I did with Mad Chicken Studio and Vain Salon last year.  I was going for a 40’s concept style with a sexy modern nautical influence.  Whether or not that was projected clearly this was a really casual fun shoot and with a model like Rachel it was impossible for it not to turn out beautifully.  Shooting took place along Park Point in Duluth, Minnesota.

rach-001-copy rach-005-copy rach-040-copy rach-064-copy rach-067-copy

Special thanks to photographer Jes Hayes and hairstylist Sara Kringle for their amazing work, per usual.

You can find my original post on this photo shoot listing all products used here.

Makeup by Derick Cich
Hair by Vain Salon
Model: Rachel Radzak
Photos by Mad Chicken Studio

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