How to go from Day Makeup to Night | Duluth, MN Makeup Artist

For this photo shoot featuring Brittney as my lovely model I wanted to do something a little different.  I started with a very natural minimal no-makeup look and then transformed it into something a little more dramatic.  I wanted to show how adding a few simple touches to your daytime look you can easily get you out the door for the night looking fierce and ready to have some fun.  Check below to find some how-to’s!

To bump up Brittney’s look I only added a few things-

  • First I used a deep black liner to define her eyes, instantly creating drama.
  • I slightly darkened the eye shadow to give some her eyes some more depth.
  • Next I added a pair of false lashes which is the key to any look where you want to get noticed.
  • Lastly I added a berry color to Brittney’s lips.

So the next time you only have minimal time to get ready to go out after work be sure to pack a few of the above items and you’ll be set in no time!

Photos courtesy  Mad Chicken Studio

2 comments on “How to go from Day Makeup to Night | Duluth, MN Makeup Artist

  1. Excellent looks!! I am so nervous to try the falsies- I’d be that girl with the eyelash hanging off her cheek! 😉

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