How To Enhance Your Eye Color | Duluth, MN Makeup Artist

One eye trend that is hyped up and sold to the public every few years is the concept of enhancing your natural eye color.  A lot of the time this concept is made out to be overly complex with specific color placement and combinations needed when in reality it all comes down to simple color theory.

The most simple way of making your eye color pop is using a complementary shade of makeup to the color of your iris, or eye color. Also known as contrasting colors, complementary colors are directly opposite each other on the color wheel.  As the diagram below shows, if you have blue or green eyes and want to make them stand out, stick to warm, bronze tones with red or orange undertones.  If you have brown or hazel eyes you would want to use cool tones such as blues and purples to bring out the warmth in them.  You get the idea.


It’s as simple as that!  You don’t need specific palettes or special directions, just basic color theory.


Photo by Mad Chicken Studio
Makeup by Derick Cich

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