Too Faced “Lash Injection” Mascara Review | Duluth, MN Makeup Artist

The following is the description Too Faced gives for “Lash Injection” Mascara:

“Our best-selling, extreme-volumizing mascara for a dramatic, false-eyelash effect. Exclusive, waterproof, 3-D formula builds tubes around each lash that fatten and stretch lashes for the look of extensions without the cost or commitment.”

Read below for MY take on this product…

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I personally find this mascara to be just okay.  It isn’t bad by any means, but it really did not impress me either.   I’ve tried both the Pitch Black and Hot Chocolate colors and found their formulas are similar and the colors are bold and deep, truly black and dark brown.  However, unlike the above description says, this mascara is absolutely not “extreme-volumizing”  by any means.  In fact, it really doesn’t add much volume at all.  It does, however, give great length and definition without clumping or smearing.  It will also do a great job at holding a curl, but volume it just will not do, sorry.

As stated, this is one of those tube mascaras so you don’t have to worry about flaking or irritation and it  comes off easy with soap but at the same time holds up well to moisture while wearing it.  I specifically recall using this mascara on an outdoor shoot when it was fairly misty/rainy.  By the end of the day the models were pretty soaked but still no sign of streaking or raccoon eyes.

This mascara comes with a very large brush, HUGE really.  Because I use this product as a makeup artist in my kit, I use disposable mascara wands for sanitation purposes so I cannot vouch for how the brush itself actually works.  I can say that the packaging directly reflects the brush size.  The tube is quite bulky and takes up more space than any other mascara in my kit, which I personally am not a fan of, but on the flip side it would be easy to find for all you messy purse people!

Another less than appealing factor to this product is the price.  At $21 for 0.456 Fl. Oz it is definitely not the cheapest mascara, however, I believe the price was lowered from $30.  This mascara will allow you to get the most out of it at least as it truly does not dry out quickly.  Just make sure instead of “pumping” the tube you should swirl the brush around the sides as this pushes much less air inside, prolonging the life of your mascara.

Overall, between the product not living up to it’s description and it’s price tag, I would pass on this mascara and find something just as good, if not better, at the drugstore for less.  If you’ve tried this I’d love to here your opinions!


  • Lengthening/Defining
  • Bold Color
  • Smudge/Smear Resistant
  • Water-Resistant/Waterproof
  • Holds Curl Well
  • Long Product Life
  • Non-Irritating


  • Lacks Volumization
  • Bulky Packaging
  • High Price

This product can be found At Ulta stores, Sephora Stores, or directly from Too Faced.

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