Why Hire A Makeup Artist? | Duluth, MN Bridal Makeup

This post is a blog I wrote for my good friends at Mad Chicken Studio, I think it’s only appropriate that it be posted here at least once as well.  You can find the original post here.  Enjoy!

So you’ve found the dress of your dreams, the PERFECT wedding venue, and your wedding photographer couldn’t be a better fit for your big day.  While putting together these important components for your event and deciding on a thousand other essential items, you may have overlooked one crucial detail – your makeup.  Having your makeup done professionally is truly the final step in pulling your look together, adding that finished touch that shows in every photograph.

Perhaps you were going to have a friend who enjoys makeup assist you or maybe the only option you’ve considered is applying your own. Hiring a makeup artist is one decision that should never be overlooked for any event, especially your wedding day when all eyes, cameras, and video recorders are on you at all times, capturing every moment for you to enjoy for the rest of your life.  You want to look back at those memories and know that you looked your absolute best on your special day.

Most people do not recognize all the specific needs that must be considered with bridal makeup, such as SPF balances and waterproof mascara.  Furthermore, with today’s technology every detail is caught on camera.  Professional lenses can be unforgiving and airbrushing can only do so much about eye makeup running down your cheek.  Of course you want to look beautiful in person, but a bride needs to look perfect in photos (color and black & white) and video.  Your makeup needs to look great for indoor and outdoor lighting as well.  Professional freelance makeup artists take all of these factors into consideration.

Your friend may be adequate at applying her own makeup on a day to day basis, but that does not make her a suitable candidate for your wedding day.  Let me tell you about my friend’s sister, “Mary.”  Mary’s wedding was in the spring of 2009.  She woke up that sunny morning in May refreshed and ready for the exciting events that were planned for the entire day.  First stop, early brunch with the bridesmaids.  Then it was off to the salon for hair dos, manicures, and mimosas.  Before stepping into her wedding gown and preparing to walk down the aisle, her maid of honor and herself locked themselves away in the church bathroom where they had planned to do their makeup.  These two girls went to college together and Mary always loved her friend’s makeup.  What could possibly go wrong you ask?  Well, the makeup she brought to use on Mary was covered in residual cat allergens from the three feline friends at home and Mary is very allergic to pet dander!  Mary felt that tinge in the back of her throat, her eyes began to burn and her sinuses started behaving in a very unladylike fashion. Unfortunately, her friend’s makeup “techniques” could not hide the puffy bags under her red eyes – not to mention, the constant sneezing that continued throughout the ceremony.

A professional makeup artist comes equipped with the proper tools and knowledge to ensure you look perfect for your big day.  Most freelance makeup artists are just as sanitary if not more sanitary than the typical salon, saving you the agony of possible reactions from shared cosmetics (or pets for that matter!).  Beyond that, most salons are bound to only one or two brands of makeup, while a freelance artist has the flexibility to mix and match, creating a custom look perfect for your skin tone.  Also, a professional makeup artist will come to you, so you can scratch one extra stop off your busy wedding day itinerary.  This will save you time, allow you to relax in your comfort zone without worrying about the weather, and they can stick around to apply touchups throughout the day if needed.  As a bonus, you can hire your artist to work with your bridesmaids as well.  Professionally applied makeup can guarantee that your bridal party will look appropriate.  That way you won’t have to worry about that bright blue eye shadow your mother-in-law simply adores wearing to every event!

Here’s a question for you: Did you know that a cosmetology school attendee spends a majority of their time and focus on hair techniques, slightly less time is spent on nail education, and by far the least amount of time on makeup theory?  One misconception is that all hair stylists are makeup artists.  That is absolutely false.  Unless a hairstylist attends further education on makeup after graduating, he or she will typically not know much more about cosmetics than they did before enrolling.  Cosmetologists may be licensed to practice on skin but their main emphasis and training is in hair styling, coloring, and grooming.

On a final note, you want to taste a baker’s cake before ordering enough for all of your guests.  Having a consultation with a makeup artist is no different.  This is rarely offered at salons.  Other brides who hired a professional loved having the opportunity to meet with the artist well before the wedding to have a one-on-one trial run.  Being able to sample various products beforehand allows you and the artist to customize your look for the big day so you’ll know exactly what you want, and you’ll know exactly what to expect – perfection!

So when planning your wedding, don’t neglect this important step and book your artist early.  Hiring a professional is one choice that you will you be thankful for as you look back at your photos.  Also, your photographer will spend less time touching up your images, potentially saving you money in the long run.  When all is said and done, a bride and her makeup artist are truly one match made in heaven.

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